Searching For Felony Records?

You wouldn't believe how much money & time I wasted on those so called Criminal Records/Background Check/Public Records sites Looking for Felony Records!

...You have probably searched all over the Internet and are gathering as much free info as you can. I totally understand how you feel because we need to be as thrifty as ever. I felt the same way, I was on a serious budget and would rather spend my time rather than my money on finding the Background Check data I needed. But what I found was there was so much conflicting information! I was fearful that some of that information would actually be wrong or incomplete and make matters worse. I didn’t even know where some of the information was coming from? I decided to get to the bottom of it so others could benefit from my efforts.

I ran background checks looking for Felony Records using 47 different online Background Check Sites on many people from multiple states with different backgrounds. Some had known criminal records, Felony Records and civil records including bankruptcies, divorces, and judgments. That way I could compare the results with what I knew. The results were rather shocking. It seems that there are a great difference in "background check" services. Some simply don't live up to their promises. Most provided us with outdated/incorrect results or nothing but public phone book information.

What was even more shocking however was the clear, undisputable winner...

That’s why I was so relieved when I found I just wanted information I could trust without spending a fortune. It’s a relief that costly background checks are a thing of the past. Seriously. Thanks to companies like Been Verified (who we ranked #1) you can get immediate access to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a given individual.
No information is off limits. And you’ll see exactly what I mean once you claim your free trial*...
Don’t let the mystery behind someone stop you from finding out the truth.




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Unlimited Premium Background Checks. Check Everyone You Know for Free! Includes Criminal Records, Felony Records, Civil Records like Bankruptcies & Marriages, and a People Search.

Free Trial* Expires: 05/27/18

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Lookup Criminal & Court Records Using Official Data Sources. Free Search. 1 Year Unlimited Search Pass Available. Dedicated Felony Search.


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Best if your Background Search Starts by Phone Number. Look up Suspicious Numbers on Your Partner's Phone, Unknown Caller IDs, Prank Calls, etc.


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Been Verified was the ONLY Background Check & Criminal Records service with the confidence to provide a 7 day free trial & "1-Click" no hassle canceling. Besides the unbeatable price, you have Unlimited Premium Background Checks. Use them to check everyone you know. Most services give you a Basic Background Check, but charge a lot for the good stuff. For example, check 10 backgrounds at an average of $30, that's $300. With .... $0. That could save you $100s. All that info available instantly, with a few clicks of a mouse is great! has been featured on CBS, CNN, The New York Times, TV Guide, Cnet, and many more.

ATTENTION: When you visit it says "Check Your Background", which I think is confusing. For One, because you have Unlimited Access you can check Your Background, Your Neighbors, Your Friend on Facebook, Contractors, .. Anyone. also gives you access to Criminal Records, Public Records, has a People Search & More. Its a very full featured service that I hope they don't realize the true value & start charging like their competition.

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Background Report 360

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This was an easy pick for second place. This gets you all the critical information you need with a very low error rate. The factor that really separates this from however is that it does cost a $29.95 up-front fee. And during these tough times it’s hard to justify the price when there’s a free solution...

Background Report 360 May Include the Following:

Personal Records: * - Alias/Maiden Name Check * - Address History * - Phone Number(s) * - Social Web Search * - Date of Birth * - List of Relatives * - Email Addresses * - Spouse/Roommates Locator

Criminal Records: * - State Criminal Records Check * - Nationwide Criminal Records Check * - Arrests and Felony Records * - Misdemeanors and Felonies * - Convictions and Incarcerations * - DUI's and Criminal Driving Violations

Court Records: * - Civil Filings * - Civil Actions * - Bankruptcies * - Liens and Judgments

Property Records: * - Primary owner on title * - Property Information * - Phone Numbers and Details * - Mortgage Records * - House Purchase and Current Value * - Possible Neighbors

Cost: For A Limited Time Only $29.95 – Full Money-Back Guarantee

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Phone Detective

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Coming in last but not least is Phone Detective. Phone Detective is still a great product but just doesn’t quite measure up to Instant Background Report and Been Verified. While testing the first time it came back with flawless results but upon trying it out a few more times we did get back some errors. And for that reason we rank this a respectable, but not spectacular, third..

Cost: $39.95 For One Year Of Unlimited Use – Full Money-Back Guarantee

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